Pre conference workshop

Create and Validate Workshop
Date: Sunday 9 February 2020
Venue: QUT Gardens Point Campus
Time: 9:30am – 3:00pm
Cost: $50 per person (cost includes morning tea and lunch)
This workshop is available to ICONN conference delegates only and can be booked through the conference registration portal. 

This workshop will provide six learning modules, delivered by experts from the Australian National Fabrication Facility – Queensland Node (ANFF-Q), UQ and from the Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF), QUT. The workshop will cover basics, detailed examples, and hands-on image processing for micro- and nano-fabrication and characterisation techniques. This will serve to demonstrate a range of research applications of the cutting edge tools at ANFF-Q and CARF.

ANFF’s Queensland Node (ANFF-Q) is a state-of-the-art fabrication facility specialising in microfluidics, organic electronics and opto-electronics, micro and nano devices for multiple applications, biomaterials, novel semiconductor materials and characterisation. This facility is located within ANFF-Q has facilities within the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) and the Centre for Organic Photonics & Electronics (COPE) at The University of Queensland and within the Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre (QMNC) and the Queensland Microtechnology Facility (QMF) at Griffith University, as well as the ability to facilitate access to ANFF sites at 17 other universities around Australia.

The Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF) is hosted by the Institute for Future Environments (IFE) and is situated in the multi-million dollar Science and Engineering Centre at QUT’s inner-city campus. This purpose-built laboratories house state-of-the-art instruments for scientific analysis. CARF’s equipment and specialists work across disciplines and applications, offering bulk sample preparation, precise data collection and scientific interpretation of results.

The workshop will cover:
An overview of a range of micro and Nano fabrication tools at ANFF-Q and examples of their use to create different length-scale structure for a range of applications. The workshop would also include introduction and detailed examples of range of characterisation techniques including x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), atomic force microscopy (AFM), nanoindentation, and hands-on data processing.

Workshop program:

Session 1 Micro & Nano Fabrication
Mr Doug Mair & Mr Alan Iacopi – Introduction to Fabrication and Epitaxial SiC
Dr Nick Hong Seng Lee – Overview of photo- and direct write lithography techniques

Morning Tea

Dr Ravi & Mr Kai-Yu Liu – Review of deposition and etching techniques

Session 2 Characterisation
Dr Josh Lipton-Duffin – Atomic Force Microscopy – Basics and hands-on image processing


Dr Robert Jones & Dr Peter Hines – Photoelectron spectroscopy
Dr Yanan Xu – Nano-indentation and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis


Program is subject to change.