Childcare grants

Childcare grants

ICONN 2020 will be providing childcare grants which will be available to ANN members attending and presenting a paper. Grants of up to AUD$500 will be given to presenting authors to assist in offsetting the cost of additional childcare expenses incurred as a result of attending ICONN 2020.

Examples of allowable expenses:

  • Expenses incurred in bringing a care-provider (partner, grandparent,nanny etc) to ICONN 2020 to care for child(ren) in Brisbane.
  • Travel of a relative or other care-provider to care for child(ren) at home while parent attends ICONN 2020.
  • Additional childcare expenses incurred at home because of ICONN 2020 attendance (i.e. additional day of childcare required, longer hours of a babysitter)
  • Expenses must be documented by receipts where possible.

Applying for a grant

To apply, download the Childcare grant application form and submit to Applications must be received by 31 January 2020. Applications will be considered by a sub-committee of ANN.

The ICONN 2020 committee reserves the right to deny funds to applicants who misrepresent their funding needs.

If the need for your grant changes between when you applied and the date of ICONN 2020, you must notify the ICONN 2020 conference secretariat to explain. You will be notified quickly if your need is still eligible for funding.

Selecting recipients

Should a number of applicants exceed the funds allocated by ANN to this initiative, priority will be given to those at the early stages of their careers.

Grants will be paid out post conference.